How long do you spend on each visit?
Depending on the cat but usually at least 20 minutes on each visit to give them some company and to minimise the stress of them being alone, however if the cat wants to be left in peace we will respect that.
What time do you visit?
Usually between 9am and 5pm in case we need to consult a vet but we cannot guarantee specific times within that. Where visits are required to be made at times outside normal visiting hours prices may vary and can be discussed at the time of booking.
Are your visits discreet?
We don’t use vehicles with advertising on as we want to avoid drawing attention to your absence from home and we try to vary the time of our visits over the booked period as far as possible. We will take in the post or anything left on the doorstep or in the letter box daily and move any dustbins left on the pathway by the refuse collection to minimise the appearance of a property being unoccupied. We can turn lights on and off / draw curtains on request (this would require 2 visits to be booked).
Can I have Photo Updates sent to me?
If your cat feels happy to pose we are happy to send you regular photos by text or to your email address free of charge.
What happens if my cat becomes poorly?
We will take your cat to its own vet if necessary, at our discretion so it obviously important that you let us know of any existing ailments or problems every time you go away. We can discuss before you leave any special requirements you have as treatment.
Should I leave my cat flap open?
Everyone’s circumstances and set ups are unique and this is a difficult decision for you to make when leaving your cats alone. Keeping the flap shut may prevent any problems with a lonely or bored cat straying or strange cats coming in but it will also prevent escape if there are any emergencies.
Will you water my plants and garden?
We will water a reasonable number of house plants etc at no extra charge.
What if there are problems with the keys, locks or alarms?
We will try to contact any nominated key holder. Our concern is always for the cat’s welfare so if there is no alternative we will call a locksmith or an alarm engineer if required and wait for them to arrive so as not to leave alarmed properties with the alarm not set.
Can you just call every other day I am away?
No. More than 24 hours between visits could be too long if the cat became sick or if any other problems developed – we visit daily during the period of your booking.
How do I pay?
We ask clients to make full payment (cash or cheque) during our first visit if you want to make a booking.
Any other Questions…
We are happy to answer any other questions you might have – contact us:

Telephone Pat on 07434357770 or Email using the contact form in the link below

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